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Message from St. Germaine the Master of the 7th Ray Violet Flame

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

I come before you today to speak of the great awakening on your planet. Your mind is very powerful, but it's power must be focused and directed to the highest good at this time. The human experiment is coming to fruition but this is a critical period.

Man has exceeded his authority by re-creating Earth in his own image. Destroying natural life and systems in his arrogance and ignorance. He has claimed ownership over what cannot be owned. He has declared his own sovereignty over that of animals, plants and even Gaia herself. He would stick a flag in her and assume his dominance over her. In man’s isolation from older wiser civilizations he has brought his race to the brink of annihilation. He has taken the weapons of the Gods and turned them on himself. Any species at war with itself will surely come to ruin.

We, the Ascended Masters that have transcended spacetime, have brought our collective Christed consciousnesses to this moment of possibility. We are here to assist humanity at this crossroads. Man has technology but no wisdom. Why are you so unhappy? You do not trust yourself or the natural world. Why are you so sick? Mentally, physically and emotionally? It is because you do not know your own true nature. It is time to awaken. To rise from the dream. To open your mind to greater possibilities beyond your wildest imaginations. There is no reason to fear for creation is self correcting and will always re-balance all systems over time. Man must return to balance with nature or nature will re-balance man. There is no other way.

We are here to assist all those that are ready to hear. Make yourself ready to hear and to see and we will be there to assist in your journey. You will be blessed with divine interventions on your behalf. You will be told very specifically where to go and what to say. Your role is never small, yet it is always deeply personal. You are the center of your own universe and all that revolves around you is divinely inspired and arranged for your best interest. Even that which seems tragic is opening doors to new possibilities and new outcomes. Open your mind to those new possibilities. Support those on the same journey, join together. Heal thyself, Love Thyself. That is the light and the truth and the way.

In Spirit, St. Germaine of The Violet Flame

Channeled by Cathy Benz

Join me on Monday February 17th 2020 6:30pm for an evening of channeling and healing with St. Germaine online via zoom or in person Eagle ID.

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