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Crystal Healing

As you awaken into the fullness of your higher self, it easy to overlook the subtle magic around us.

Crystals are beautiful ancient beings that hold wisdom of the earth and offer us healing energies.

They are more than just stones, they are living entities and each has it's own unique frequency and consciousness.

Crystals can help us ground, heal and elevate our vibration. We can create a daily practice to connect with these magnificent beings and recognize the divine intelligence they hold.

As we breathe deeply and ground overselves, we call upon the cosmic and earthy healing energies, including the crystalline grid of mother Gaia, the energies of crystal, rock and mineral kingdoms to help guide us on our path to enlightenment.

They remind us of the great interconnected web of life and universal consciousness of love and the endless possibilities that within us all.

In Love and Magic

Rev Cathy L Benz

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