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Lightworkers! Raise Your Vibration

Choosing to live a spiritually centered life does not mean that your problems will magically disappear or be avoided all together, but it means that you have the resilience to return to balance without being utterly destroyed and that you learn from your experiences. It means that you are not permanently damaged by temporary situations. It means that you can clear your head, plant your feet with shoulders back and head held high. It means that you have the fortitude and wear-with-all to make the necessary sacrifices and engage in the hard conversations, and to look deeply into yourself . It means you stop reacting to events in life and begin to proactively take control of your own headspace. Those of us that have been called to spiritual living are called to become the grounders of lovelight on a planet in transition. We are called to first heal our own wounds, connect to higher wisdom and then to illuminate the world with that wisdom. We are called to become an anchor of higher frequencies on the planet. We are called to connect with other lightworkers to create a web of healing that is now changing the planet. Gaia is raising her vibration. There is a massive transformation of consciousness on the planet. It is time to spiritually show up, grow up, wake up and clean up. Join our network of lightworkers in our facebook group.

In Love and Light

Rev Cathy Benz

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