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Experience Deep Healing and Spiritual Development

Cathy teaches simple holistic, transformational, integrative and gentle energy self-healing modalities such as cognitive tools and techniques to get you unstuck and support you in achieving your money, life, and health goals while releasing old emotional baggage and getting you back on track for mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.


Releasing blocked energy from our chakras and energy systems is a vital part of cultivating good health, well-being, and transcendent interpersonal relationships. Learn to open, align, clear, and balance your chakras so you can achieve a more abundant, authentic, aligned, and organic life.



"If you're feeling like you want a serious raise in your vibration, a positive shift in perspective, a new self awareness, don't hesitate to give it an honest go! We're all in this together! So much Love! So much support! Thank you Cathy!!! You are an Earth Angel!!"


"Cathy is an encourager and supporter. Her insight and wisdom is "divine". I have been blessed in knowing her and admire the work she does for all of humanity!"


"Cathy teaches by example, explains well, offers her understanding of the subject matter (which is extensive) and never imposes opinions. This way of thinking and living has had a profound and positive affect on me."

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