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Divine Spirit Healing Center


Spiritual Circle Agreement

The use of agreements allows all members to have a free and profound exchange, to respect a diversity of views, and to share responsibility for the well-being and direction of the group.

1. We will hold stories and personal material in confidentiality.

2. We listen to each other with compassion and curiosity.

3. We ask for what we need and offer what we can.

4. You are free to share anything you choose regarding your personal takeaway from the circle.

In-Person Attendee Expectations:

1. Arrive at least 15 minutes before event begins.

2. Use restroom before arrival or during designated breaks to minimize event disruption.

3. Bring food to share, if able. (Disclose potential allergens)

4. Be ready to meditate when the event begins.

5. Be mindful and hold space for those participating online.

6. Covid-19: Masks recommended for unvaccinated attendees. If you are feeling unwell, please attend online.

Online Attendee Expectations:

1. Test camera and microphone functionality before event begins.

2. Attendees will be muted by default upon entry.

3. Unmute when you are ready or prompted to speak.

4. Attend event in a quiet place and/or minimize audible background distractions (pets, children, traffic, etc.)

5. Be thoughtful when speaking; avoid interrupting others.


1. Rev. Cathy L. Benz is an ordained minister who has studied and practiced Energy Healing.
2. Rev. Cathy L. Benz only administers Energy Healings to people of their own free will.
3. The prayer and healing sessions you will receive are not licensed by the state and are alternative and complementary.
4. Rev. Cathy L. Benz is not a state licensed physician or surgeon and will not diagnose or prescribe medicines or medical treatments for you or recommend that you discontinue legend drugs or controlled substances prescribed by an appropriately licensed practitioner. Rev. Cathy L. Benz neither encourages nor discourages you from contacting a state licensed physician or surgeon.
5. There is no guarantee that the work you receive will give you results.

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