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Mon, May 13


Divine Spirit Meditation Studio

(Class 1) Chakra Healing & Upgrade Course - 8 Weeks (Summer 2024)

Each week we will dive deep into one Chakra and its related energy body, celebrating its unique quality in our lives and our individual challenges at each level. Each week one chakra will be opened, aligned, repaired, and re-anchored into the body.

(Class 1) Chakra Healing & Upgrade Course - 8 Weeks (Summer 2024)
(Class 1) Chakra Healing & Upgrade Course - 8 Weeks (Summer 2024)

Time & Location

May 13, 2024, 6:30 PM – 8:45 PM MDT

Divine Spirit Meditation Studio, 1987 N Eagle Creek Way, Eagle, ID 83616, USA

About the Event

In Person in Eagle, ID or Online Via ZOOM. Join us for the transformative 8 Week Chakra Healing & Upgrade Program. 

Chakras are one of the most basic elements of spiritual structure in the body; they affect our consciousness, health, and wellness. If our Chakras are clear, healthy, and vibrant, our aura shines with life force, vitality, and exudes positive energy. If they are blocked, dark, and murky, our mood and health will quickly decline.

Each week we will explore and heal one Chakra and its related energy body, celebrating its unique quality in our lives and our individual challenges at each level.

Each week one chakra will be opened, aligned, repaired, and re-anchored into the body.

Full Schedule:

(All classes from 6:30PM - 8:45 PM MST)

Free Intro Class (Mon, May. 6th, 2024)  – Into the Human Energy System 

Class #1 (Mon, May 13th) – Root Chakra – Grounding, Physical Body, Safety "I am Grounded I am Safe" 

Class #2 (Mon, May 20th) – Sacral Chakra – Clairsentience, Emotions, Sensuality "I am a Creative and Sensual Being"

Class #3 (Mon, May 27th) – Solar Plexus Chakra – Personal Empowerment, Action "I am Empowered to Create the Highest Good."

Class #4 (Mon, June 3rd) – Heart Chakra – Self Love, Relationships "I am Loving and I am Loved"

Class #5 (Mon, June 10th) – Throat Chakra – Clairaudience, Inner Voice, Communication "I Speak my Truth"

Class #6 (Mon, June 17th) – 3rd Eye – Clairvoyance, Clarity, Intuition "I See my Path Clearly"

Class #7 (Mon, June 24th) – Crown Chakra – Understanding, Sovereignty, Higher Self "I Know and I Understand"

Class #8 (Mon, July 1st) – 8th-12th Chakra – Trip to 12th Chakra "I am an Ascending Being"

You will learn:

* How to ground your Chakras

* How to run cosmic and earth energies to clear the Chakras

* How to repair and re-anchor each chakra

* Learn to access your Akashic Records

* Learn to work with the Archangels

* And more...

Spiritual benefits:

* Living life with a higher wisdom and universal truth – from a state of love

* Awakening to a multidimensional consciousness

* Transcending the matter, living life from a spiritual perspective

* Inner knowledge and understanding of universal laws

* Experiencing life through natural abundance and prosperity

* Knowing and living your soul’s purpose

* Quantum leap in the soul’s evolution

* Awakening/developing your gifts – clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc.

*  Remembering, on a very deep and ancestral level, who you really are, why you came to Earth and how you can be an active part in the personal and global evolution.

Emotional/mental benefits:

* Improved memory and mental clarity

* Self-love, appreciation, compassion, and gratitude

* Healed relationships, understanding, and kindness

* Reduced anxiety and stress

* Transcending negative inner monologue and embracing authentic speech (to self and others)

* Relinquishment of impatience, struggle, resistance

* Remembering dreams and using them for guidance and clarity

* Absolution from old issues and ‘triggers’, as old cellular memories are transcended

* The feeling that you are loved, the feeling of well-being, purpose, sense of security, unity

* Confidence in yourself

* Being aware of experiences occurring in the present moment, without judging.


* Facebook group chat support and connection

* Downloadable class recordings (including classes missed) and dozens of additional life-changing training videos and class materials

* 1 Free one-on-one clairvoyant energy check reading with Cathy Benz

This class is available in person in Eagle, ID or online via Zoom

If you wish to join us but your schedule does not permit live attendance (in person or Zoom), you may proceed through the course at your convenience via the class recordings released each week. Your purchase will still grant you access to the Chakra Healing Facebook group chat, class recordings/materials, and one free energy check reading with Cathy Benz.

Pricing For Full 8 Week Course

Full Payment by the end of Class 1: $297 (Save $36)

Payment Plan Option: 

$111 Due: May 20th, 2024 (Class 2)

$111 Due: June 10th, 2024 (Class 5)

$111 Due: July 1st, 2024 (Class 8)

Reserve your spot now! [Course registration closes after Class 2! (May 20th, 2024)]

Hosted by Cathy L. Benz | Cell: 208-761-5724 | Email: | Website:


  • Full Course (Save $36)

    This holds your spot for this 8 week series via Full Payment by Class 1 (May 13th, 2024): $297 (Save $36)

  • 3 Part Payment Plan

    This holds your spot for this series via 3-part payment plan: $111 Due: May 20th (Class 2) $111 Due: June 10th (Class 5) $111 Due: July 1st (Class 8) 

  • Course RSVP - (Pay Offsite)

    This holds your RSVP spot for this series. Offsite payment (Full or Payment Plan) can be made via: Cash: in person Venmo: @Cathy-Benz Paypal: Cashapp: $CathyBenz Check: in person or mail to 1987 N. Eagle Creek Way, Eagle, ID 83616 Please contact Cathy Benz at 208-761-5724 or to arrange alternative payment method.




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