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Cuddle Up Couples Getaway


Cuddle Up

A Romantic 
Getaway Experience

Soak, Connect, Rejuvenate
Your Relationship

Saturday September 9th 2023

1pm - 8:30 pm

$297 per couple

Until September 1st

$397 Until Sep. 9th

Roystone Hot Springs

The Spring House

Sweet Idaho

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Relationships Matter
Love Matters




  • 1:00pm - 1:30pm: Check in, Introduction, Bagels and Mimosas

  • 1:30pm - 2:30pm: Workshop 1: Partner Yoga

  • 2:30pm - 3:00pm: Break, Snacks

  • 3:00pm - 4:30pm: Workshop 2: Cuddle Sutras

  • 4:30 pm - 5:00pm: Break, Snacks, Fire Pit

  • 5:00pm - 5:30pm: Crystal Bowl Soundbath

  • 5:30pm - 7:00pm: Dinner, Social, Take a Mindful Walk, Firepit, Photos

  • 6:45pm - 9:00pm: Soak in Mineral Springs Hot Tub and Pool


“Nick and Cathy have amazing chemistry and create a safe and fun environment for connection and relaxation. I highly recommend their workshops.”

Lisa and Rob Taylor

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Kristy 1_edited.jpg

Healing Sound Bath
With Kristy Salgado

Kristy creates incredible landscapes of healing sound with her singing bowls. I felt the stress leave my body and I can't recommend this experience highly enough."

Jenn Lowry

Benefits of Couples Retreats

  1. Deepen your connection: Couples retreats provide a unique opportunity to focus solely on your relationship and strengthen your bond with your partner. You'll have the chance to connect on a deeper level through shared experiences, with activities designed to promote intimacy and communication.

  2. Rekindle the romance: Over time, it's natural for relationships to lose some of their spark. A couples retreat can help reignite the flame and bring back the passion in your relationship. You'll have the chance to step away from your daily routine and spend quality time with your partner in a romantic and intimate setting.

  3. Enhance communication skills: Effective communication is essential for a healthy relationship. A couples retreat can provide tools and techniques to improve your communication skills and help you better understand your partner's needs and feelings.

  4. Relax and rejuvenate: Life can be stressful, and it's essential to take a break and recharge every once in a while. A couples retreat offers a chance to unwind, de-stress, and take care of yourself and your relationship.

  5. Learn new skills: These activities and workshops are designed to enhance your relationship skills, such as yoga, massage, and meditation. These skills can be valuable not just for your relationship but also for your overall well-being.

  6. Connect with other couples: Attending a couples retreat can provide an opportunity to connect with other like-minded couples who share similar values and interests. You'll have the chance to make new friends and build a support network of other couples who are committed to strengthening their relationships.

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Lunch with Mimosas

Dinner by Kanak Attack

Bagel Bar & Mimosas.png

Chill DJ Vibes with Irina & Brian

Register  Today

Saturday September 9th 2023

1pm - 8:30 pm

$297 per couple

Until September 1st

$397 Until Sep. 9th

Roystone Hot Springs

The Spring House

Sweet Idaho

Acroyoga at Home

Deepen Your Connection


Rekindle Your Romance


Relax and Rejuvenate


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