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Roystone Hot Springs Takeover! Potluck, Meditation, Soak
Roystone Hot Springs Takeover! Potluck, Meditation, Soak
Jun 07, 2024, 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM MDT
Roystone Hot Springs Spring House,
7880 ID-52, Sweet, ID 83670, USA
Chakra Healing and Upgrade Class Series
Chakra Healing and Upgrade Class Series
Jan 08, 2020, 6:30 PM MST – Feb 26, 2020, 8:00 PM MST
Divine Healing Center,
Eagle, ID, USA


Our Values

We say "Hello" to others and recognize the divinity within each person that we meet. We recognize that all healing is self-healing. Each of us can be an example of spiritual wellness so others may have the permission to heal themselves. We build a spiritual community to support each other in our individual journeys of self-healing, enlightenment and spiritual freedom.

Our Daily Practice

We practice daily meditation that includes quiet contemplation, breathing, saying hello to our body, grounding by connecting to the earth, running cosmic and earth healing vibrations, centering our awareness behind our eyes and calling our energy back to ourselves in a golden sun. These practices create a peaceful space for us to contemplate our communication with our own Divine Intelligence so that we may see our path and venture forth.

Infinite Perspective Prayer

(To be used when facing a difficult, emotionally charged situation or as a daily meditation)

• I begin with a deep, nourishing breath. Breath in, breath out.

• This is just a moment in Eternity.

• This too shall pass.

• I do not judge my emotions, but feel them fully, until they are done with me.

• This may take some time, but time is gentle.

• I do not know what this situation means, nor how this fits into the fabric of the whole.

• In the present moment I accept things as they are, without resistance.

• I pray for the highest good in the realm of infinite possibilities.

• I pray for the wisdom and insights to recognize that path as it unfolds before me.

• I know that when a problem arises, simultaneously the remedy is created.

• I know that all events are neutral, only my beliefs about the situation cause me pain.

• I know that only the love I grow and share will be preserved in eternity.

• All else will fade away like darkness to the light.

• I am willing to forgive, but mostly I forgive you, the world, and myself.

• I bless this situation with the opposite vibration.

• I have come from love and will return to love, there is no other way.

• I surrender the outcome to Divine Will.

• What I want most is peace.

• And so it is.

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